Release of Waarp R66 3.0.9

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Release Notes

This release is an bug fix version that brings more stability to the application

With this release, we also introduce a new distribution of Waarp R66 with
pre-configured portable archives.

Finally, we are in the process of rewriting Waarp R66 documentation to bring
a better organization and more clarity.

New Distribution

The archives provided for Waarp R66 were too complex : badly documented, hard to
apprehend and difficult to operate.

So we have been working on a new distribution more accessible to reduce the time
used to go from unzipping to starting the server.

In a first phase, we integrated this distribution in our RPMs that can be
installes via our Red Hat 6 repository (similar
repositories will soon be available for Red Hat 7 and Debian).

From this version on, it is available in the form of portable archives (the only
external dependency is Java, which must be previously installed).

This distribution has the following advantages:

  • It can be unzipped anywhere on the drive or be moved and still work
  • A pre-configured set of XML files is available for a real quickstart
  • Every Waarp R66 server and client commands are accessible through two scripts, and

Both distributions are available in our download site :

  • New distribution: archives waarp-r66-*.linux.tar.gz et waarp-r66-*
  • Old distribution: archive


Waarp R66 documentation is currently under heavy rewriteto be more clear, better
organized and and more opration-oriented. The goal is to replace the reference
currently available at .

During this rewrite, it is available in our documentation

The new documentation is restricted to the new distribution (RPMs and portable

Bind Port Errors

Before this release, Waarp R66 could start without errors, even when it could
not bind to configured ports for R66 protocol (clear and TLS), especially when
they are already in use. It was the cause of hard-to-detect errors.

From now on, the server start stops in this case with an error message.


Upgrade from a 3.0.X version is straightforward and can be done by replacing all
jars with the ones contained in the package.



  • Upgrade external dependencies
  • Fixes a bug during data loading in the administration interface
  • Waarp R66 Server does not start anymore if it cannot bind to specified ports
  • Destination path in RENAME, MOVE, MOVERENAME, COPY and COPYRENAME tasks can now contain spaces
  • Fixes stalled asynchronous transfers when their number exceeds clientthread+11
  • Fixes a deadlock when the number of simultaneous transfers approaches the value of clientthread
  • Fixes a memory leak
  • The filewatcher did not start when fileinfo was no set in the configuration file


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