New Release: Waarp R66 3.3.4

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Release Notes

This version fixes a lot of issues, especially in the REST v2 API.

Version 3.3.3 has not been published because of several important bugs that have been fixed here.
The list below presents changes from both versions.



  • In some cases, the receiver of a file could use a wrong block size
  • Fix the example of REST v2 HMAC authentication in the documentation
  • Fix the REST v2 HMAC authentication
  • Fix REST v2 request signing
  • The REST v2 API browser was broken in recent browsers
  • In the administration interface, results can be filtered. It was possible to reset the form to its initial values. A new button has been added to clear all fields.
  • REST v2 API now respects the isAdmin attributes of users
  • The Administration interface can show transfers whose rule has been removed without errors
  • Antislashes (\) in windows path were badly escaped in the administration interface
  • The client now stops retrying transfers when a connection to the partner is impossible.
  • The service reused closed database connections in some places
  • Upgrade of external dependencies


The standard upgrade procedure
can be followed.


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