New Release: Waarp Gateway FTP 3.2.0

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Release Notes

This version brings a lot of fixes, including security and performance fixes. Upgrade is strongly recommended.

Support for TLS 1.2 for all JRE

In order to better secure transfers, TLS 1.2 is now supported for all versions of Java runtimes. Before this release, available versions of TLS depended on those available in the JRE (Oracle JRE 6, for example, oly supported TLS 1.0 in public releases).

New source code repository

Since the first public releases of Warp Gateway FTP and Waarp R66, each internal module was managed in its own Github project.

In order to simplify analisys and streamline workflows, all components have been brought together in the same project: Waarp-All.



  • Support for TLS 1.2 in all versions of the JRE

New features

  • Support for FTP commands XSITE DIGEST et XDIGEST. These commands can be used by an FTP client to obtain a checksum of a file on the server


  • External resources optimisation (RAM, CPU)
  • External dependencies upgrade


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